Evaporator coil needs to stay perfectly clean to allow correct cooling or heating to take place. Any interference to this greatly reduces the efficiency and performance aspects of the system. That is where your filter plays a very important role. Your filter is the line of defense to keeping your air conditioning system clean from inside. Many times overlooked filter changes need to happen on regular basis.

Our Preventive Maintenance plans will help extend the life of your system and help it perform the way it was intended. Start fresh, start with your system maintenance your system will thank you. 

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Preventive Maintenance 

Air conditioning system are designed with one main goal in mind, Your Comfort. However, that can be interrupted by system failures and poor performance. That is prevented by doing preventive maintenance. We all hear examples of people compeering Air conditioners to vehicles and that it is important to maintain your vehicle to avoid expansive repairs and that is absolutely true. The problem is that the your Air conditioning and Heating system is responsible for one of the higher repair ticket items when it comes to money out of your pocket. To prevent all of this we have designed 2 simple but highly effective maintenance plans. We target all of the important aspects of system cleanliness, efficiency, safety and performance. 

RDK Air Conditioning Comfort Club Gold

RDK Air Conditioning Comfort Club Platinum 

Condenser coils are responsible for extracting heat out of your house. That process is highly restricted when the coils become dirty and plugged up with dirt and dust. Evaporator coils are responsible for cooling the space or heating it in heatpump applications.